Goals, Habits, Let's Go!: Student Planning Guide for Success

From the Author: I have learned from various men of influence that the shortest pencil is better than the longest memory. While this practice has changed due to technology, the basic principle stays the same. We need to write down our visions, plans, goals, habits, and strategies to execute them to become successful. That is what this workbook is all about-teach and apply principles that will put us on paths toward success. You are all future leaders of extreme value and worth: worthy of traveling on the road to greatness. Goals, Habits, Let's Go! will guide you on your journey to unlocking your strengths and gifts. Use this journal as a trusted roadmap to the best version of yourself. Let's Go!

The Building Men Playbook: A Manual on How to Create and Implement a Building Men Program in Your School or Community 

The Building Men Playbook shares how to create and implement a group mentoring program that will engage your youth in academic, character, and personal development. The playbook provides ways to foster significance, integrity, and relationships in the lives of our youth. It demonstrates ways to use activities and sports to generate academic accountability, healthy competition, and growth. Using team building exercises, community service, and rites of passage, this playbook shows how to develop young men that can impact the schools and communities around them. We hope this playbook will inspire and motivate you to begin building men and transform the hearts of our youth, staff, and beyond.


A Man, A Teacher, A Coach: The Journey To the Heart 

A” Teacher, “A” Coach, “A” Man: The Journey to the Heart asks the many questions going through the minds of educators, coaches, and community workers in dealing with youth today. In this book, Joe Horan, aka Coach Joe, shares how he learned to connect with students’ hearts in hopes to become a positive influence in their lives, the realization he needed to reconnect to his own heart, and the events that led to the creation of the Building Men Program.

Coach Joe has discovered that to guide youth successfully, you must first know your own heart and understand your own story. By honestly exploring his experiences, he has become a leader that truly makes a difference in the lives of the young men participating in his classes, teams, and Building Men. Throughout this memoir, he shares how digging deeper into his life story caused him to examine his biases, in the areas of gender, class, and race, and how this greatly impacted the healing of his heart. Join him on this journey to become a teacher, a coach, and an influential youth worker and reconnect with your heart and create a lasting and meaningful impact on the relationships in your life.